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Re: [MOL] Kathleen

Hi, Dusti:  You're more than welcome.  You deserve all the accolades you get 
-- and then some.  The doctor's nurse called me today and scheduled an 
appointment for Thursday afternoon.  She said the stitches should have been 
removed by now!  By whom, for pity's sake?  Sometimes I wonder!  LOL  This is 
a good thing, though.  At least I'll get this thing checked soon and maybe 
the doc can figure out why it hurts.  It's probably supposed to.  What I have 
right now is called an expander, and it moves around -- quite a creepy 
feeling.  The pain isn't as bad today as it has been, but I'm taking a 
Darvocet every five hours.  I'll be glad when I don't have to do that anymore.

I managed to have a very nice weekend, though.  My brothers and I went to my 
parents' house and helped them in their yard -- went to dinner -- and had a 
lovely visit.  I must get really serious about the seminar in July.  The 
material is due soon, and I'm committed to do the preparation, since my 
partners in crime are both attorneys, and wouldn't stoop to anything as 
menial as typing!  LOL  

Next week my sister and I are going to Birch Bay, Washington to visit my 
oldest daughter.  We're flying first class and staying at a bed and breakfast 
there.  I'm so excited, and so glad my sister has all that extra money to 
throw around.  I certainly don't!  

I haven't given up yet.  Something really good is bound to happen to me -- 
one of these days -- right?  Button Michelle is licking between my toes right 
now.  That in itself is a very good thing!

Love, Kathleen
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