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[MOL] Kathleen

Title: Kathleen

You are sweet to say that Kathleen.  I was reading your post about your reconstruction surgery, did they already do an implant?  I am sorry that you are feeling some pain, I sure hope that eases up as you heal.  I still cannot get over everything you have been through the last couple of years, don't ever doubt that God is using your life as a testimony to others.  You have already shown me that one can suffer some pretty horrible losses and happenings and not be defeated.  Thank you for that gift of encouragement.  I liked Lillian's idea of silicon valley and the man/woman ratio but from my experience and I work w/ about 200 tekkie nerdie software developers is that they are more interested in playing video games than women.  Like a bunch of boys......as I write, they are probably eavesdropping on my email, I better be careful! 

Keep your chin up,