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[MOL] Cassadaga Hotel

Hello Again, This time there is a reply address. Sorry about the foul up. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We found your email address posted @ http://www.meds.com/archive/mol-cancer/1999/02/msg and thought you might be interested in this. We are Chris and Julia Charman, Realtors in Central Florida and we have just listed a most interesting property. The Cassadaga Hotel. This hotel is the focal point of the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, FL. This full service hotel includes a restaurant, gift shop and hair salon as well as on site mediums performing readings. This is an interesting opportunity for the right buyer or buyers. If you would like more information please return this mail and we will be happy to forward you more info. If you do not wish to hear from us again, please put the word "remove" in the subject line (not the body of the letter) and return it to us. Thank you, Chris and Julia ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is an automatically-generated notice. If you'd like to be removed from the mailing list, please visit the Medicine-On-Line Discussion Forum at , or send an email message to: majordomo@lists.meds.com with the subject line blank and the body of the message containing the line: unsubscribe mol-cancer your-email-address where the phrase your-email-address is replaced with your actual email address. ------------------------------------------------------------------------