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[MOL] Re: Breast Implants

Dear Kathy Q:  You're right, of course, my friend -- and you put it so 
eloquently.  I was just feeling a little down, I guess.  Right now I have a 
question for all those who have had breast reconstruction.  I have been 
having more pain over the last few days than I anticipated, and the 
"reconstructed" breast feels like a sore bag of rocks!  No infection, though, 
I'm sure, or the area would be warm and I'd feel a lot worse than I do.  I 
just didn't expect this discomfort, I guess.  I've grown somewhat impatient 
over the past few years, I suppose, but I sort of expected to feel better 
than I do by this time.  Any suggestions anyone?  Thanks for your support, 
Kathy,  I like reading your wonderful posts almost as much as I enjoy talking 
to you!

Love, Kathy C.
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