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[MOL] Bess

Title: Bess


Hello there.  I wanted to write and tell you that I think the Oncologist really has a big part in this stuff.  At first hospice told me that they had never administered aredia at home but after speaking w/ Aetna and the Oncologist, he made it directly clear to both Mom & I that they would administer at home so she didn't have to go to the hospital if she needed to be hydrated.  Also, the day before she went in last time, my sister had called hospice and told them how worried she was about Mom's calcium and to please come and test her blood for it and they did!  Not her normal nurse lady but a different came and took blood and we had the results within 2 hours.  I think the squeaky wheel gets the oil, you know?  I'm sure they don't normally do this but they are able to make exceptions.  As far as tremors go, do you mean body tremors?  I know Mom's hands shake but I know that is just because she is weak.  I'm not sure about about body tremors.  Is Tom still eating anything?  I remember hearing that if your bowels are not working, then some toxicity can build up in the brain causing a little confusion.  Bess, I'll close for now.  I hope you are doing ok, I know this is a real tough time.  Try and indulge yourself in some way, that always makes me feel better.  Like a big fat cheesecake or paint your toenails red.  Painted toenails always make me feel better.

Take care Bess,