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[MOL] Re: Thanks for sharing!/Reply to Teena

Teena: Lets see where I should start.  Thank you for liking our web site, I
know you will like our forum members even better.  We are like one big happy
family, their is so much love and caring that each gives in their own way.

No matter what the stories are we believe in hope, humor and love.  We send
out approximately 35-5o educational materials weekly, which include series
on various cancers (as knowledge is power). caregiving, and the latest
articles on cancer.  We have four members that are just darling people going
through the same thing you are and perhaps there are more; as we have people
who just read the messages.  Then we have some forum members who read the
messages and just pop in at the right time with the answers.

None of us are in the medical field, we are all on the journey one way or
another and understand all the frustrations, great place to vent and so
forth.  This is now your forum and here is how we operate is:  All
conversations are open and one is welcome to jump in on any of them.  There
is no such thing as butting in.  The forum is everyone's.

I am a two time cancer survivor, uterine and breast.  Funny many moons ago I
was reading my horoscope (something I always took likely) and it said two
things.  The first that I would have serious female organ problems and the
second, a head on collision.  Now, since the serious female organ problems
came to frustration can you picture me on the passengers side breaking when
the driver passes another car????  Forget about me when I am the driver, I
pass no one!  I am also a two time caregiver; so I do well understand that
end of the journey.

No doubt it is most difficult for your 14 year old son.  Death and dying are
the hardest on the teen year's.  I believe there are some forums that might
be of help to him and will send you those links later on today.

So the computer is the window of your world?  Tell us about it and most of
all know it is the same for many of us.  Warmly, your friend, lillian

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