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[MOL] Never a dull moment around here....

My youngest daughter Bonnie still doesn't know what she wants.  She is 29 years old and seperated. 
She moved in with us two or three weeks ago.  She has two beautiful daughters, 2 years & 6 years old,
that are living at home with Daddy and stay with Mom on the week ends.  
My other daughter Shelly and I had to take Bonnie to ER yesterday about 4:30pm, got home about 11:00pm. 
She had to have emergency surgery, had to have her appendix out.  She came home today.  A bit sore but doing ok.  She is staying with a friend tonight, cause her bedroom is downstairs, she didn't want to stay in the guest room, I told her she could smoke as long as she keep the door shut and opened the window, but she doesn't want to smoke upstairs at all.
Mom is down to 99 lbs, normal is 130 lbs not doing good.  Don is losing weight too.  His eating habits have gone to mostly fresh fruits, but Mother is eating the same.  I don't know what is going on with her. 
They are both getting weaker.
I have a bad cold, hard to breath right now.  I am off to bed. 
Hope you all had a nice week end.
Love you all,
Nanc (:-)