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Re: [MOL] Vicci!

My Dear Dear Vicci!  I have been wrestling with myself on just what to write
to a long time friend regarding her loving son.  First we thought this war
was over for him only for it to rear its ugly head again.  All your e-mails
of the yesterdays are vivid in my mind.  When Rich wouldn't accept the first
time, the foods he ate and should not have; etc.etc.etc.  How strong you
were not only for Rich and your family; but for other Molers that were in
need of help.  How I prayed that every time I would send something out on
his cancer that you were still on line and see the latest going on.  How I
have missed you on line; but would never want you back on for this reason.
I am lost for words.  You know that I will pray for all of you.  You know
that I will always encourage you, that I will be here for you.  And yes, you
know that I must let you cry as this is such a serious matter.  So forgive
your friend if I have not said exactly what needed to be said and know in
your heart that my heart is with you.  Lovingly, lillian

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