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[MOL] Update on Tom

Dear Friends:
    As you know my husband is home on hospice which is doing very little as
far as I'm concerned except providing an aide 4 hours a day, a nurse once a
week who talks to me, listens to Tom's chest, DOESN'T take blood, and
    Now Tom is getting rather bad tremors.  He's on morphine, decadron,
antibiotics for thrush, xanax, a small amount of paxil, and 25 vials of
frozen shark cartilege, and a strong reishi tea formula.  Any experience with
tremors among this group?  Is it a sign of drug toxicity?  Of the disease
itself?  Organ failure?  Also do most of you on hospice get blood work done.
Tom is housebound and totally oxygen dependent.  I know there is no treatment 
except what we try at home, but I don't want him to be ignored to the point 
of slipping away before his time.
    Anyhow, have a nice holiday.  We will tryt o do the same.  Love, Bess

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