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Re: [MOL] New to this forum/WELCOME REPLY !

Hi Susan,

Welcome to our wonderful forum.  I can only respond to one part of your post, 
the part about communication and access to information.  I had the same 
problem with my nephew regarding getting the straight story on his condition. 
 He finally had to put written authorization into his medical folder that 
requires them to answer any and all of my questions.  I was very greatful 
that he was willing to do this.  

Can you ask your mom to do the same for you and/or one of your sisters?  When 
I call the hospital now they will give me his blood counts and any other 
information I request on his condition.  Because he was so sick, it was 
sometimes hard to get accurate information from him...  His wife (one of the 
truly great women on the planet!) was often unavailable due to racing between 
him, their twins and the rest of the many things she accomplishes in each day.

I hope this suggestion helps.

Warmly,  Kathy Q
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