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[MOL] New to this forum

Hi all!
    My mom has been re-diagnosed (is that word?) with lung cancer.  She 
underwent chemo and radiation the first time and we thought all was clear 
last November.  This April she was diagnosed with the tumor being "bigger, 
badder, and uglier" than before - can they grow that fast?.  She underwent 
radiation but there will be no more treatments.   We (my 2 sisters and I) 
know that the tumor is pressing against the nerves in her left arm and will 
soon render it useless and that the tumor is slowly breaking her top left 
rib.  She's on lots of pain meds.  Help!  What will she go through?  What can 
we do to help her?  We read up on everything we can and try to keep her as 
busy as possible, but all she does now is doze off (from the morphine?) and 
feel sleepy.  Can anyone tell me what may be next for her?  Any ideas?  At 
what level does morphine not work anymore?  She's now on Duragesic patches 
(plus liquid morphine) and they've already been increased in dosage once and 
now they don't seem to work for her.  I just want to hug her and make it all 
better!  I love her so much!  Any ideas on what may make her life easier or 
if someone has an idea of what we/she can expect would be greatly 
appreciated!  I hope this is the proper place to ask these questions.  I just 
signed up and probably should have waited to see how the discussions run, but 
I just want to hear from others who are going through this.  Thanks for your 

Susan C.
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