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Re: [MOL] hydrozine sulphate/REPLY

Hi Angela!  Welcome to our forum, here are some URL's that you will be able to gleam information from regarding hydrozine sulphate.....Warmly, lillian

           International Bibliographic Information on Dietary
           Supplements (IBIDS) Database (Office of Dietary
               Searchable database of published, scientific literature on
               dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.  IBIDS
               contains over 300,000 citations and abstracts.  Developed to
               assist the public, health care providers, and researchers in
               locating credible, scientific literature on dietary supplements.
           NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative
          Medicine (NCCAM)
               Conducts and supports research and training; disseminates
               information on complementary and alternative medicine to
               practitioners and the public.   NCCAM resources include the
               CAM Citation Index (searchable & browsable database of more
               than 180,000 citations from 1996-1998 extracted from MEDLINE);
               and the NCAAM Clearinghouse (contains information on NCCAM
               programs, conferences, and research activities).

           Stephen Barrett, MD
               Guide to health fraud and "quackery."  Of particular note is the
               section entitled, "Special Message for Cancer Patients Seeking
               'Alternative' Treatments.   

           University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research
           in Cancer (UT-CAM)
               Investigates the effectiveness of alternative and complementary
               therapies used for cancer prevention and control.  Website
               contains evaluative information on various therapies, including
               herbal & plant therapies (e.g., essiac), biologic & organic
               therapies (e.g., cartilage), chemical & pharmacologic therapies
               (e.g, antineoplastons, hydrazine sulfate) as well as special
               regimes & integrated systems (e.g., Gerson, macrobiotics).
               One of eleven centers established by the National Center for
               Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the
               National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Subject: [MOL] hydrozine sulphate

I wonder if you have any information on the friend's mother has a brain tumour and has been told that hydrozine sulphate would help.I would be grateful on any information.
Angela Taylor