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Subject: Two More Potential Cancer Fighting Proteins Found

> Two More Potential Cancer Fighting Proteins Found
> Two more angiogenesis inhibitors with the potential to treat cancer have
been discovered by Beth Israel Deaconess researchers.
> Called "tumstatin" and "arresten," the two small proteins with the power
to halt new blood vessel growth were found in the walls of human blood
vessels, nested within larger proteins with unrelated functions.
> "We have discovered that when the blood vessel wall is broken down in
preparation for new capillary formation, many degraded fragments of blood
vessel wall proteins are liberated," says Raghu Kalluri, Ph.D., who heads
the Beth Israel Deaconess research group that discovered the proteins. "As
described in these studies, some of these fragments seem to counteract the
effects of angiogenesis propagators released by tumor cells."
> Tumstatin and arresten appear to target different receptors on endothelial
cells, the wayward cells lining blood vessel walls that tumors recruit to
build the new blood supply they need to grow and metastasize.
> The discoveries and tumor studies in mice are reported in the April 13
Journal of Biological Chemistry Papers in Press for tumstatin.
> The arrestin results are published in collaboration with the lab of Vikas
Sukhatme, M.D., Ph.D., chief of the Beth Israel Deaconess renal division, in
the May 1 issue of Cancer Research.
> "These findings are contributing enormously to our understanding of how
blood vessel growth is regulated in the body," says Judah Folkman, M.D., a
researcher at nearby Children's Hospital who first developed the paradigm of
tumor angiogenesis 30 years ago.

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