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Title: Insurance
Save up to 70% on your Life Insurance!
Why Spend More Than You Have To?
Check out these example monthly rates...
10-year level premium term insurance
(20 and 30 year rates also available)
$250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Age Male Female Male Female Male Female
50$32$24$59$43$107$7 8
60$75$46$134$87$259$ 161
(Smoker rates also available)

Take a minute to fill out the simple form below and receive a FREE quote
comparing the best values from among hundreds of the nation's top insurance companies!

*All Fields required
First Name:
Last Name:
Day Phone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Evening Phone:
Fax: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Male or Female:
Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yy)
Type of Insurance:
Insurance Amount:
Weight: lbs
Tobacco Use:
Health Status:
Health conditions?
Prescription medications?
Do you engage in any hazardous activities?
(i.e. scuba,skydiving,private pilot,etc.)
Did your parents or siblings have
heart disease or cancer prior to age 60?

Please press submit only once. All quotes will be from insurance companies rated A-, A, A+ or A++ by A.M. Best. Actual premiums and coverage availability will vary depending upon age, sex, state, health history and tobacco use. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER OR CONTRACT TO BUY INSURANCE PRODUCTS, but rather a confidential informational inquiry. All information submitted is strictly confidential, and will be given to an insurance professional licensed in your state of residence, who will contact you and provide your quote directly. Further transmissions of this email may be stopped at no cost to you. PLEASE CLICK HERE AND TYPE REMOVE.
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