[MOL] Update [01146] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Update

Title: Update

To all that kind of know my situation, just wanted to let you know that Mom is going home from the hospital today and we will just hang in there. 

Last night I spent the night with her and for the first time she was a little disoriented.  She said some weird stuff but I just kind of agreed with her or probed a little further if I thought she was trying to convey a message.  She was literally so close to being in a coma that even when I asked her if she wanted me to change the channel, she looked at me and kind of scrunched her eyebrows like she wanted to say something and then it was like 'never mind' and she just layed back.  I told her not to worry about not being able say what she meant, I did that all the time.  I have tried to have humor with all of this because I felt like if she sensed me feeling sad or sorry for her that it would make her anxious and I don't want that.  I did tell her a long time ago that if she saw anything or anyone while she was in that kind of state that if she could, to tell me and she said she would if she could.  I just pray that this is all a peaceful time for her.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayer during this time.  It is a blessing to have you all.