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[MOL] chronic illness in the workplace

With the millions of people who live with chronic illness, much of the
literature designed to help them with the emotional aspects of dealing
with their disease leaves out an important part of their lives - their
work.  Lung cancer, because of increasingly hopeful survival rates, is
now considered a chronic condition since so many people live with it for
years and continue working.  Having been diagnosed with a chronic
illness myself (inflammatory bowel disease) and having many family
members with debilitating, chronic conditions (asthma, fibromyalgia,
diabetes, and lung cancer), I've seen up close the immense pressures
exerted on people from their jobs while they try to cope with their
condition.  Since I'm a graduate student in a management program, I
decided to work on a website of resources for chronic disease, as well
as develop a survey where I could gather information on peoples'
experience in their workplace.  Obviously, I would love it if anyone
living with a chronic condition would take the survey, but I would also
like the feedback of "experts" on the recommended readings and societies
for the various conditions I've listed.  If you are able, please visit


and share your story with me.  We just might be able to help other men
and women living with chronic illness (and their employers).

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