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Re: [MOL] Went to the doctor yesterday

In a message dated 05/26/2000 12:59:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
KathleenCorrigan@AOL.COM writes:

> I told her what I told my now absent sweetheart:  "There will come a time 
in everyone's life when he or she becomes ill or infirm.  I hope the person 
you love doesn't desert you at that time in your life." 
Exactly, Kathy.  I have a friend whose husband drives her crazy every time 
she is ill - had *brain* surgery last year and his biggest concern was how 
soon she would be able to return to work.  She knew every time he asked how 
she felt, he had a hidden agenda behind it.  Poor thing has had several 
serious health problems annually for the last 3 years.  I told him exactly 
the same thing you told Steve.  He too had a sick mother he tended until she 
died and married for the first time in his early 40s. I reminded him that 
every time we love someone there is always risk involved, one way or another; 
if not health problems then something else.  

Needless to add, she is getting divorced at present.  -chris
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