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Re: [MOL] Went to the doctor yesterday

Dear Marlene:  You and Kathy Q (and my dear Chris) are the best cheering 
section a person could possibly have.  Thank you so much for being there for 
me -- all of you!  Truly, it isn't as traumatic as I feared it would be.  I 
went to see my oncologist yesterday.  We have a great mutual admiration 
society.  I told her what I told my now absent sweetheart:  "There will come 
a time in everyone's life when he or she becomes ill or infirm.  I hope the 
person you love doesn't desert you at that time in your life."  She agreed 
with me, and told me she thought she needed tranquilizers after I told her 
what had happened!!!!  I call her "Carolyn" and squeeze her because she's 
tiny.  I also told her that in spite of the less than positive occurrences 
over the past three years, I still consider them a gift.  I really mean that. 
  The MOL line is a large part of that gift.

Love you -- Kathy
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