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Dear Dusti:
   I recently took Tom home from the hospital on hospice and am very 
concerned as well about this not treating business.  The nurse who comes once 
a week never takes blood even.  They do not believe in treating, only 
relieving symptoms.  For example, if my husband got an infection, they might 
not treat it.  Of course, we can always go to the emergency room of a 
hospital or Calvary acute care cancer center.  But in that case, we would be 
OFF hospice and have to start again on our own.  Fortunately, our onc.  is 
"in charge" of the case.  As long as Tom is breathing and not suffering too 
much, no matter how confined to our bedroom he is, I'd like to keep him 
going.  From my end  Hope things work out better for you.  Love, Bess
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