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Re: [MOL] Went to the doctor yesterday

Dear Kathy C,
    I haven't been on line much lately, and when I have I just haven't been 
able to get through everything.  Last night I gave up and just deleted 187 
    Buy I have read several and was glad you were back on.  You've been in my 
thoughts and prayers and I've missed you.
    Kathy Q is so right.  We will never see you as anything less than 
perfect.  God created a perfect soul in you.  The body is just a shell.  But 
just like any other part of the body, if something is missing, it does leave 
an empty space.  If you can fill it, then why not?  God gave the surgeons the 
ability to do it.  Let them.  Then again, Honey, He gave you that perfect 
soul, and as long as that is there, you are perfection and nothing can change 
that. People see the inside.  If they depend on the outside, then they lead 
very empty, superficial lives.  I feel for them, but have no use for them.
    I love you, Lady.  Be well.  Do what your heart tells you.  We are all 
behind you.
Yours in Love and Prayer,
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