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Re: [MOL] Went to the doctor yesterday

Kathy, I will be keeping you and your Dr. visit in my prayers
today...You know, going off the Premarin may be no big deal for you; you
might not even notice! (and even for those who don't have cancer, they
are now recommending limiting it to just a couple years use). No one in
my family has ever used hormones, but still tend to look and feel much
younger than their age. The trick is picking the right parents, LOL! And
of course attitude and staying active. 

Now about reconstruction, my friend-- GO for it! I was very tempted not
to do it for all kinds of reeasons, but finally decided that for me, at
least, reconstruction meant not giving up on myself! It's a kind of
affirmation that there are still a lot of good years ahead. I am very
glad I did it, and I think you will be too. You are still a gorgeous
lady with lots of living to do! So chin up, my friend. And if you start
to giggle during your Dr. visit, it's just me tickling you! Love, Joicy

KathleenCorrigan@AOL.COM wrote:
..... I visit my
> oncologist today.  She's very aggressive, and who knows what she's got
> planned for me?  I almost dread going to see her.  I know she's going to yank
> me off Premarin, and I praying there is something else out there with similar
> benefits without the risks.  I feel pretty good right now, except for the
> soreness, which is to be expected.  I'm having reconstruction done, but
> sometimes I think -- what for?
> Love, Kathy
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