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Re: [MOL] Went to the doctor yesterday

Dear Peggy:  You aren't a nag at all.  It depends on how long you've been 
gone, though.  My life can't seem to settle down.  I had a mastectomy on the 
right side on the 15th.  Two weeks prior to that, when I first received the 
diagnosis, my significant other indicated that he couldn't cope with a 
partner with all my medical problems, particularly just one breast, and he 
exited stage left.  The breast cancer, according to the surgeon, is barely 
Stage One, so chemo and radiation will not be necessary.  However, I visit my 
oncologist today.  She's very aggressive, and who knows what she's got 
planned for me?  I almost dread going to see her.  I know she's going to yank 
me off Premarin, and I praying there is something else out there with similar 
benefits without the risks.  I feel pretty good right now, except for the 
soreness, which is to be expected.  I'm having reconstruction done, but 
sometimes I think -- what for?

Love, Kathy
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