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FW: [MOL] Good Afternoon

Dear Dusti
HI, I am David and originally joined the forum when my grandmother was
diagnosed with "untreatable" bowel cancer with secondaries to the liver.  I
don't often reply to messages on the forum, but there are a few that touch
me.  There has been uproar in the UK recently as a cancer patient who was
described by the medical profession as elderly (she was 56!) found the code
DNR (Do not resuscitate) on her notes.  This was signed by a junior doctor
who she had met only once during her treatment.  The medical professions
defence was that the suffering she would go through if they had to
resuscitate her would be worse than just letting nature take its course.
Though, we assume they mean worse for them, not the patient or the patients
I hate to say this, but its my fear that medical organisations, do tend to
decide to let nature take its course, and in defence to them in some cases,
this may be best for the patient, however, for the families, its very very
hard to accept.
I pray that you continue to find the strength to get you through this
difficult time, I know from reading the messages you post on the forum that
you are already a very strong person.  I hope that you are getting the
chance to spend some real quality time with your mum at the moment.  I
realised when my grandmother accepted what the doctors told her, that the
time we were spending together, was precious.  A lot was said during the
final months that made her passing easier to cope with as she made sure, we
realised how much she loved us.
I pray for you, and pass many good wishes over the pond. 
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The hospice nurse came over today to take Mom's blood and they just called
back to say that Mom's calcium level is at 18,000 which means that she could
slip into a coma at any second.  They are admitting her to the hospital but
the hospice nurse said that next time this happens, they will let 'nature
take its course'.   I hope to God that I didn't hear that right because it
sounded like they wouldn't treat her next time.  Can they do that?  If she
is not in a coma?  Why would they refuse to give her the aredia to bring
down her calcium level?  The hospice nurse said that is how she would die,
it would be from the calcium putting her into a coma and that it was
peaceful.  I'm not sure what to think but I have put in a call the the Onc's
nurse for some more information.  

Sorry friends, that I have such negative news all the time.  I wish I could
write with more positive stuff but this is what is happening.  Please pray
for My Mom & my family.  Thank you for listening.


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