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Hi all!
    My sister-in-law sent this to me.  It means a lot to me and all out there 
with this condition.
    Thought I'd let you all know, I am doing very well.  Radiation was 
finished on Monday.  My blood counts are perfect in the white area.  The red 
blood count is a little low but the doctors are amazed at how little.  They 
all said they would never have known I was a cancer patient if they had not 
treated me themselves.  Praise God!!!
Luv ya all,

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Subject: The candle, please pass it on

>    A handsome, middle-aged man walked quietly into
> the cafe and
> sat down. Before he ordered, he couldn't help but
> notice a group 
> of younger men at the table  next to him. It was
> obvious they were
> making fun of something about  him, and it wasn't
> until he
> remembered he was wearing a small pink ribbon on the
> lapel of his
> suit that he became aware  of what the joke was all
> about.
>    The man brushed off the reaction as ignorance,
> but   the smirks
> began to get to him.  He looked one of the rude men
> square in the 
> eye, placed his hand beneath the ribbon and asked,
> quizzically,
> "This?".  With that the men all  began to laugh out
> loud.
>    The man he addressed said, as he fought back  
> laughter, "Hey,
> sorry man, but we were just commenting on how pretty
> your little
> ribbon looks against your blue jacket!" The middle
> aged man calmly 
> motioned for the  joker to come over to his table,
> and invited him to
> sit down. As uncomfortable  as he was, the guy
> obliged, not really sure
> why.
>    In a soft voice, the middle aged man said, "I
> wear   this ribbon to
> bring 
> awareness about breast  cancer. I wear it in my
> mother's honor."
>    "Oh, sorry dude. She died of breast cancer?"
>    "No, she didn't. She's alive and well.  But  her
> breasts nourished me
> as
> an infant, and were a soft resting place for my head
> when I was scared
> or
> lonely as  a little boy.  I'm very grateful for my
> mother's breasts, and
> her health."
>    "Umm", the stranger replied, "yeah".
>    "And I wear this ribbon to honor my wife", the  
> middle aged man went
> on.
>    "And she's okay, too?", the other guy asked.   
> "Oh, yes. She's
> fine.  Her 
> breasts have been a great source of loving pleasure
> for both of us, and
> with
> them she nurtured  and nourished our beautiful
> daughter 23 years ago. I
> am 
> grateful for my wife's breasts, and for her health."
>    "Uh huh. And I guess you wear it to honor your
> daughter, also?"
>    "No.  It's too late to honor my daughter by
> wearing   it now. My
> daughter died of breast cancer one month ago. She
> thought she was too 
> young to have breast cancer, so when she
> accidentally noticed a small
> lump, she ignored it. She thought that since it
> wasn't painful, it
> must not  be anything to worry about."
>    Shaken and ashamed, the now sober stranger said, 
>  "Oh, man, I'm so
> sorry
>    mister".
>    "So, in my daughter's  memory, too,  I proudly
> wear   this little
> ribbon, 
> which allows me the opportunity to enlighten others.
>  Now, go home 
> and talk to your wife and your daughters, your
> mother and your friends.
> And here . .    " The middle-aged man reached in his
> pocket and   handed
> the other man a little pink ribbon.  
>    The guy looked at it, slowly raised his head and
> asked, "Can ya help
> me
> put it on?"
>    This is breast cancer awareness month. Do regular
>  breast self- exams
> and
> have annual mammograms if you are a woman  over the 
> age of 40. And
> encourage those women you love to do the same.   
> Please send this on to 
> anyone you would like to remind of the importance of
>  breast cancer
> awareness.
>                 This one I do ask that you send on.

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