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Re: [MOL] To Kathy Q from Kathy C

Hi, Friend!  Loved your post!  I'm starting to feel better every day now.  
The site of the surgery is a "sight" for sure, but no one would ever know 
when I have my clothes on (which I try to remember to do).  It's beginning to 
itch, which I take as a good sign.  I think the pump will be removed today.  
It really hasn't been much of a problem, though.  The meds the cardiologist 
gave me are working like a charm, and the old ticker working just great.  The 
pain really isn't too bad, but I'm not ready to do windows yet!  

Thanks for your sympathetic ear.  I shouldn't have written him that scathing 
letter, but I was so hurt and angry -- and besides, I'm so good at it.  I'd 
be surprised if he still has any nose hair.  I usually write these and then 
don't mail them, but this time ....  Oh, well.  I'll get over it.  

It definitely would be fun to get together.  We need a very active social 
chairman to put this sort of thing together!

Love, Kath
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