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Re: [MOL] Basil Cell Carcinoma

Hi Tony,

Welcome to our wonderful forum.  It is so good that you are reaching out.  
None of us on this forum are doctors.  But many of us have either had cancer 
or are caregivers or relatives of those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

My ex-husband, who is mainly of Swedish extraction and has spend much of his 
adult life in the sun, has dealt with many Basil Cell Carcinoma episodes.  
Here is a web site that you can look at.  The most important thing is that 
you be proactive about checking it out and that you get it taken care of 
quickly.  He has had many of these types of carcinomas removed with no 
lasting effects.  He is dilligent about making sure they are tended to.  You 
should be too. 

<A HREF="">Medical 
Online Cancer Information</A> 

Good luck!

Kathy Q
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