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[MOL] colon cancer

My husband had a resection on his sigmoid colon on 11/07/98. The doctor tested
13 lymph nodes and all were positive.   He received what the hemotologist 
as "aggressive" chemotherapy from 12/98 to 7/99.   Six weeks ago he began to 
have bloating and discomfort in the abdominal area.  He had an abdominal 
under ultrasound and five liters of fluid were drain from the abdomen.  The 
was that the cancer had returned and was causing the fluid build up in the 
This procedure was done on 5/11/00.  He had his abdomen drained again on 
Between the two session they removed 11 liters of fluid.   The doctor 
inserted an 
opti-port to aid in the chemotherapy treatment which will start 5/23/00.  
Today 5/22/00 another 3 liters of fluid.    The problem we have is that we 
have been
unable to get any answers as to what is this cancer.  We know that it began in
the colon but have no idea of exactly what is going on now.  The prognosis we 
have been given is terminal with an unknown time span. 
We do not know what to expect.  My husband is unable to eat or drink for the 
part.  He has lost a total of 40 lbs. in two weeks.   Can someone please help 
find out more information. 
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