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> I am writing on behalf of a family member who has non-small cell lung 
cancer, Stage IV. It is in both lungs and has metastasized to the lymph nodes 
in the Mediatstynum.

I am not writing to inform you about the drug you need info on - I'll leave 
that to more knowledgable members of this forum. But I would like you to know 
that my father has the SAME cancer in the SAME locations - and he was 
diagnosed in August of 1998 at age 75. He will 77 this July!  He had surgery, 
chemo, radiation, and now thalidomide.  Doctors say his cancer came from 
smoking for many years, but also he worked at Bethlehem Steel and grew up in 
a cement mill town, so who knows?

And speaking of "Who Knows?" - Please don't think that life will over for the 
family member today or tomorrow - there is soooo much hope out there. It is 
in God's hands, and with the best possible medical choices miracles happen 
every day.
-chris r.
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