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[MOL] New Drug May Rival Tamoxifen

New Drug May Rival Tamoxifen 
    [05/22/2000; Reuters News Service]

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Researchers said on Sunday they had shown
a cheaper new drug might rival the breast cancer drug tamoxifen,
giving women more options in their treatment. The drug, Fareston,
marketed by Kentucky-based Shire Roberts under the generic name
toremifene, is in the same class as tamoxifen. A trial of 899
patients showed the two drugs worked about equally well in women
past menopause who had undergone surgery for the same stage of
breast cancer. The patients were followed for a little over three
years on average. ``The results of this study are of significant
importance because they show that Fareston is as effective as
tamoxifen in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer,'' Dr. Kaija
Holli, an oncologist at Tampere University Hospital in Finland
who led the study, said in a statement.

The two groups had the same rate of side effects such as sweating and
hot flashes and about the same time to breast cancer recurrence. But an
initial analysis, presented at the annual meeting of the American
Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), suggested that the rate at which
breast cancer recurred and the death rate from breast cancer was
slightly lower among the women who got Fareston as compared to

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