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[MOL] Depression, BMI liked to eating pathologies in BCS...

Depression, BMI linked to eating pathologies in breast cancer survivors

WESTPORT, Mar 21 (Reuters Health) - Depressive symptoms and obesity may interfere with the effectiveness of nutritional and dietary interventions designed to reduce the risk of recurrence in women with a history of breast cancer.

Dr. Cheryl L. Rock, and colleagues at the University of California at San Diego, found that links between depressive symptoms, obesity and eating pathologies are also present in women with no history of breast cancer, suggesting "that women who are at risk for breast cancer recurrence do not differ markedly from their peers with regard to factors associated with abnormal eating attitudes and behaviors or the prevalence of eating disorders."

However, these associations are of particular interest in women with a history of breast cancer, since they may affect patients' responses to standard nutritional interventions, the investigators explain report in the March issue of the International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Dr. Rock and colleagues examined the relationship between obesity, depressive symptoms, eating pathologies and dietary intake in 56 women with a history of breast cancer and 52 women with no history of breast cancer.

Body mass index and depressive symptoms correlated significantly with scores on the Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire in both women at risk of breast cancer recurrence and women with no history of breast cancer. Dietary restriction was also significantly associated with eating disorder scores in the control group.

The investigators note "that dietary and nutritional factors, such as obesity, have been linked with breast cancer risk or prognosis." The new data suggest that the development of effective dietary and nutritional interventions in this group will "require consideration of the complex factors and issues that are involved."

Int J Eat Disord 2000;27:172-179.

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