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Re: [MOL] An addition to our family...

In a message dated 05/22/2000 1:07:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
KathleenCorrigan@AOL.COM writes:

>  Dear Chris:  I'm soooo happy for Lakota to be getting a new kitty.  Orion, 
>  right -- like the constellation?  What a pretty name.  Better than 
Close - "Arian" (from constellation ARIES) but pronounced A•ryan.

>  Poor Leonard is so beautiful, and I stuck him with that dumb name.  Does 
> this >  constitute cruelty to animals?  I hope not.  Get a kitty kiss for 
    Can always call him "Leo" - very dignified for a cat.
>  Love, Kathy
Me too Kathy, Chris  XO
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