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Hi, Nanc, 
Gee, this is such a gut-wrenching situation, and must have been a
horrible shock in the midst of all else going on. I am so glad there is
someone for her to see, and that there are things that can be done to
help. One of my dearest friends went through this a few years ago with
her daughter, about the same age, and also my former secretary's
daughter did this at the same age. Both girls are doing fantastic now, I
am happy to say. How is your daughter doing? Give her a hug for me, ok?
A parent carries terrible pain when things like this happen, and she
mustn't blame herself. Hugs and prayers to you and your family. Love,

Nancy Postema wrote:
> Hi Lil,
> She is a pretty mixed up young girl, very pretty, smart, at the same
> time very insecure, sensitive.
> She has a thoroughbred horse she shows English.  She has had problems
> since middle school, she
> has been so moody, like it all has to be her way or just leave her
> alone, so that is pretty much what
> the kids do at school.  Her first appointment with professional help
> is this Monday.  My Daughter and
> I have seen that she needed help, but she refused to go, now she has
> to thank God for that.
> She is feeling a little better, her hearing is coming back, the
> redness and swelling is pretty well gone
> and not so tired anymore.
> Thank you for asking and your prayers, mine are always with you and
> all the mols.
> Love ya,
> Nanc ():-)
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