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Re: [MOL] Kathryn Dear!

Kathryn, I was 21 with a new baby when I lost my mother.  Seems I miss her 
even more now at age 48 and it increases every year.  I think that's God's 
way of letting us know that some day we will be together again...she is gone 
but never forgotten. 

My mother didn't have cancer, but she was ill many many years. Though I 
sometimes  feel her presence with me at special times and in crucial times, 
for the most part I know she "blew this joint" as fast as she could. I think 
it's because she is so happy to be with her parents again, along with one of 
her siblings, and my baby sister who went before her. Her last words to me 
when I told her on the phone how much I missed her and looked forward to 
seeing her again, were: "It won't be long now, won't be long."  
Though she was referring to our hoped for visit in the next weeks, it turned 
out to be the most prophetic words I'd ever heard.  Twenty-six years have 
passed now and sometimes it seems like she was with me yesterday. It hasn't 
been long!  And I hold onto that - even if I live another 50 years; when the 
time comes to be reunited with her, she'll say to me, "See Chris, I told you 
it wouldn't be long."  She loved "I told you soooos." :)

Try to hold that thought in your heart Kathryn - it won't be long till you 
see her again no matter how many years pass by.  God bless you and may your 
wonderful mother rest in the arms of Her loving Father and Brother.  -chris
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