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Re: [MOL] Kathryn Dear!

Kathry:  It was so good to hear from you, just made my day.  I know how
difficult these times  can be and certainly understand .  It is good to
grieve; so don't you worry about that one bit.  I was the same with my
mother, one time things were going so bad for me I heard myself whine "Mommy
where are you?"  Yet, I knew in my heart she was truly happy to leave, she
knew it was her turn and I had to learn to let go.  What a hard lesson.  You
have plenty of sisters right here on the forum.  Your mother and Dusti's
mother are the same age I think, and I know Dusti will more than likely lean
heavily on your wisdom at some point in time; so don't you go anywhere on
us!    We are with you always.  Are you able to send us a picture of your
mother and one of you for our album?  Do you have a scanner?  If not I will
send you my private address under separate e-mail.  Let me know Kathryn and
God be with you, fondly, lillian

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