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Re: [MOL] Update on my Dad & Virginia...

Yes, Nanc, you are sooooo right!  I would try to live my life as normally as 
I could (except for my job of course) too.  But I do think I would have less 
problem with pride (personal pride yes, but accepting help with non-personal 
things, no).  That way if people assist with those things, you have more 
energy to take care of the things you feel sensitive about.

Anyway, all in all, I'm so glad that he went - AND that he accepted help (the 
wheelchair) but I am mostly concerned about this weakness of his - and his 
rejection of the physical therapy.  He IS 77; I don't expect him to be 57 or 
even 67 again, just to be happy again.  He always had such a quick sense of 
humor and we rarely see any of that these days.

Then I feel ashamed to complain about this when God has so generously allowed 
him to remain cancer-free all this time. I thank God that it is *not* the 
cancer; (I think -maybe the thalidomide) that is causing some of this 
depression and weakness.  I guess what I am rambling about is that I know 
there is help (the therapy) and he won't do it. But would I? I think so.  But 
I know that he just doesn't feel that he can deal with the daily medical 
stuff anymore - after the chemo and radiation (daily or nearly so visits) he 
doesn't want more appointed obligations.  That I understand.

Sorry to hear about your troubles with your grand-daughter too Nanc. I wish I 
knew something to say to make it all better.   -chris
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