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Re: [MOL] Nancy P.

Title: Nancy P.
Thanks Dusti,
You are fight on and thank you so much for you letter.
Love you,
Nanc ():-)
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As a former emotional 14 & 15 year older, I can tell you that it was definitely a cry for help.  She knew that she wouldn't die but she wanted to alert someone to her inner pain.  Sometimes it is difficult to tell someone, sometimes you think they should know already.  When you are that age, you do not see that what a FINAL decision to a temporary problem suicide is.  Yes she is probably very upset about her grandpa but tell her that adding to his burden is not going to help him or her.  I have a niece that I am very close to that just turned 15.  What strikes me about this age is that they do not even realize how self centered their world is.  The world literally revolves around them and what is happening at that particular moment.  Whenever my niece Carlie is having what I call a 'drama moment', I try and recall a situation in which someone else gave something up in order to better someone else.  In other words, after getting her well and back at home.  Help her to focus on what kind of difference she can make for other people and maybe she won't spend as much time dwelling on her issues.  I hope I'm not coming off unsympathetic, I very much do understand that at 15, things seem life and death.  Seems is the key word though and I think the adults just need to find a way to focus her back on her place in this world.  Good luck Nancy, I know your plate is full.  I'm glad that hospice is helping.  They have started visiting Mom and so far, so good.

You take care,