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Hi Lil,
She is a pretty mixed up young girl, very pretty, smart, at the same time very insecure, sensitive.
She has a thoroughbred horse she shows English.  She has had problems since middle school, she
has been so moody, like it all has to be her way or just leave her alone, so that is pretty much what
the kids do at school.  Her first appointment with professional help is this Monday.  My Daughter and
I have seen that she needed help, but she refused to go, now she has to thank God for that.
She is feeling a little better, her hearing is coming back, the redness and swelling is pretty well gone
and not so tired anymore.
Thank you for asking and your prayers, mine are always with you and all the mols.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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How's your grand daughter doing?  Is she back home yet?  What a heart break for all of you.  Your friend, lillian
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