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[MOL] cancer screening and lawsuits

This should not be a surprise, when the big promo is that "the best
PREVENTION is early detection!" I've been fussing about this for a long
time...love, Joicy

EDITORIAL: Screening for breast and cervical cancer as a common
    cause for litigation
    [05/20/2000; British Medical Journal]

A delay in the diagnosis of cancer is now one of the commonest
reasons for medical litigation. Increasingly women in whom breast
or cervical cancers are diagnosed after a "normal" screening
test are alleging negligence through a delay in diagnosis and
are seeking compensation through the legal system. Medical staff
involved in providing screening are highly concerned about this
situation.1 How has it arisen? 

The enthusiasm of the health service to promote screening has
perhaps given women unrealistic expectations. Women may falsely
believe that screening prevents cancer rather than detects it
earlier. There is also a perception that cancers arising after
a normal screening examination must have been "missed" and that
the delays in diagnosis have prognostic significance. 

The full article can be found at:

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