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[MOL] MDs Said Reluctant To Break Bad News

Who can blame them? And I guess with the power of hope, it's not always
a bad thing...the dilemma comes when the patient sees through it, and
loses trust...love, Joicy


MDs Said Reluctant To Break Bad News
    [05/20/2000; Associated Press]

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Terminally ill cancer patients rarely get a straight
when they ask doctors how long they have to live, a new survey suggests.
Researchers found that doctors are likely to be overly optimistic about
patients' outlooks or simply refuse to say. Only about one-third
are willing to give patients their best guess. The new research,
presented Saturday at the opening of the annual scientific meeting
of the American Society for Clinical Oncology, suggests that
not only are doctors bad at making predictions, but they are
also uncomfortable passing the information to the people they
treat, at least when the message is discouraging. 

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