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In a message dated 05/20/2000 1:27:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Flick3233@AOL.COM writes:

> Hello,
>  My name is Chris Richards and I am an oncology nurse.  I am curious from a 
>  patient and care-giver perspective, what would be your 3 biggest needs in 
> the area of education from a health care professional?
>  >  Thanks for your time and effort,>  Chris

Speaking for myself as a caregiver (and for my father - a pt.) I would have 
to say that our "unmet" needs have not been so much in education but in some 
empathy and better communication with doctors. Education can be questioned 
and answers can be found, but when doctors do not communicate openly with 
family and caregivers that is much harder to address.  In our case, the 
doctor was often "put off" by the family's questions and later, demand for 
answers.  At this time, she won't even answer phone calls when I need to know 
if a food I've prepared for my father is even permissible for him to have. 
-chris rosati
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