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Hi Chris,

I will offer one suggestion.  My nephew recently completed his third round of 
chemo for AML.  The first round was really tough because he didn't know what 
to expect.  The second round (consolidation) was hard but he and his wife had 
a better understanding of what was likely to happen.  He relapsed.  The third 
round, to deal with the relapse, has been extremely difficult to bounce back 

One of their biggest complaints has been that the nurses do not listen to 
them.  Tommy and Wendy have been keeping journals of what has happened and 
they see much similarity in his reactions to the treatment.  Although it took 
him longer to bounce back from this third round, there were many 
similarities.  What they found was that the nurses often treated something 
like it was an emergency when Tommy and Wendy were clearly trying to tell 
them it was normal for him.  And conversely ignored them when they tried to 
alert the nurses that something unusual was happening and needed to be looked 

So if I was going to suggest something in the way of education, it might be 
on the line of active listening skills.  To stop treating the patient long 
enough to discover if the patient might be able to help the nurses get a 
better understanding of what was actually going on so the treatment was more 
appropriate.  Active listening skills would also enable a nurse to treat the 
patient with respect.  They've had several nurses who treat them as though 
they were infants, speaking down to them and acting as if there is nothing 
new that they could possibly learn.  And then there are the wonderful 
nurses... When you're in the hospital for 8 weeks, it makes a huge difference 
on your recovery if you have good, empathetic nurses looking after you.

Hope that helps.

Kathy Q
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