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[MOL] Chris- re:Dad & Virginia...

Chris, I can hear how heavily this is weighing on your heart.  Even
though the trip got off to a rocky start, it may do them much good when
they rest a little. Doing this may actually give them a real shot in the
arm, and may motivate your dad to up his activity a little. May God's
angels surround them during this trip, and may he give you a sense of
peace about it. Love, Joicy

CCRosati@AOL.COM wrote:
> Thurs. morning I took them to the airport (and got lost! ); they flew to
> Alabama to visit Virginia's siblings (she says for the *last* time).  They
> had to transfer in Atlanta and he needed a wheelchair to make the distance
> between gates.  He *insisted* on carrying his own luggage to the ticket
> counter and carried his own carry-on bag, but I could see the strain on his
> face.  He was very pale - white, actually.  Virginia says the doctor told
> them that the fatigue (leg weakness) and other discomforts he suffers is NOT
> due to cancer, but to lack of exercise.  He flatly refused to take physical
> therapy (I suspect he was just disgusted with the daily medical stuff during
> chemo & radiation and didn't want to do any other regimen like that.)  They
> will return next Thursday.
> When I returned from the airport I was so upset that I took the rest of the
> day off and worked at home.  I called them later that night to be sure they
> arrived ok and connections were made.  My father was too tired to speak with
> me more than just hello and good-bye.
> -chris
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