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Re: [MOL] And now it is Saturday ! Yippieeeee

 {{{ yeah, un-huh! so sorry to hear about the granddaughter; I pray they
> get professional help pronto. Sounds like more than just worry over a
> grandfather.}}}  I felt the same, it is sad when one so young calls out
for help and I am praying she gets the help she needs.

> The group e-mail was from Carla!  Sorry bout that!
> {{{ I didn't see it; what is up with her? }}}  She has a long list of
people she is corresponding with privately, none of them Molers, I was the
only Moler on it.  I think they are from her holistic support group.
> {{ God definitely isn't through with you yet, LOL! But hey, you don't
> have to EARN anything, friend -- that's what GRACE is all about,
> right?}}}  Need to explain grace please?  By the way the Southern Baptist
are talking about not permiting woman as ministers.  I was taken back; as I
had not known they ever let woman be ministers in the first place.

I was sleeping ever so soundly at 4:00 am when Blue started licking the
bottom of my foot (she needed a potty run) and I will have to learn to keep
my feet under the covers!!!  How's Kenzie doing?

Christine forgot about taking me to my mother's.  So I get to do it today.
I talk to her everyday, she was to go North for a month; but has cancelled
out.  She even had her ticket purchased; so this is a twist that I will need
to check out.

So friend, enjoy your Saturday and know I will be thinking of you.  Love ya,

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