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[MOL] Friiiiiiiiday!

How did you know I miss Nancy sooooooooo much?  giggling!

{{{ yeah, un-huh! so sorry to hear about the granddaughter; I pray they
get professional help pronto. Sounds like more than just worry over a

My Mom was not too happy, and wanted to know 1. if this expanded
"examination" was appropriate/ necessary (she didn't request it),
and 2. if a dermatologist is the best type of Dr. to do varicose
vein surgery if required. Any ideas, or can you point me in the
right direction to research?

No, I don't believe a dermatologist is the right doctor for fricassee
They are the best ones to do skin cancers though.

{{{ what kind of Dr. should she see? }}

She should get a second opinion.  Was his expanded body search
I would think that would be a plus for him.  The one's she had removed
perhaps appeared suspicious, so he should check for more.

The group e-mail was from Carla!  Sorry bout that!

{{{ I didn't see it; what is up with her? }}}

Well I really should not drink those yummy things when I am on the

{{{ true, true...sigh, what we have to do to try to stay healthy, eh?

I don't think it was the visit that did me in, I think my kidney
is still there; so tomorrow I will run a sample to my doctor.  You know
I am
going to be okay, God isn't through with me yet.  I have to earn many
points to get into the pearly gates.  love you friend, lillian

{{ God definitely isn't through with you yet, LOL! But hey, you don't
have to EARN anything, friend -- that's what GRACE is all about,

Charles will have to pay for his cable and elec. at the apartment
Oh I am sure they will work him for his money, it's a salary position
and I
read in the job descriptions must be willing to work holidays and
Now he has been doing that here for more than a year; so I guess that
bother him so much.  He was just offered another position at Brays
here for heavy equipment operator, has good benefits and the salary was
for here; but he was ready for a total change; so we wish him happiness.

{{{ I'm sure they will work him too, but it still sounds like a good
opportunity for him, and yes, a good change...}}}

Yes, we both know  Christine did not separate from him as she said she
and I am not surprised either.  I believe it is the economics as much as
anything.  She has been happy with out him, her eyes are twinkling
She is going to have to do this on her own, and I am going to have to
myself (except for when it comes to the children".  I don't know of any
to help.

{{{ a wise mother you are; isn't hard to watch these things and let our
kids live their lives, when we know where it's headed? sigh...she and
the children are in my prayers...}}}

Only one other attended the reunion, how sad!  Was that one nice?

{{{well, just one other from the class of '90 (he was ok, not one I
wanted to spend much time with) -- plenty of others from MUCH earlier
classes. My favorite reunion was just after I graduated when I had the
chance to do a video interview of the seminary's first woman graduate.
She was wonderful! When Tim and I married, she sent me one of her own
hand-embroidered table cloths! I couldn't believe it! That's one of the
joys...meeting and knowing (among the frustrating people) some of the
giants of the theological world...but that's another story}}}

Well, I have to go see mom today, not that I want to.  She's really
up on this dying issue....I have completed toadies housework, enough is
enough.  My back is killing me.

{{{How did that go? and how is your back? I can tell you don't feel
well...hope you feel better soon. More tomorow...love, Joicy
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