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[MOL] Kathy here

Hello, dear friends:  I was doing fairly well after the surgery on Monday, 
but that was not to last for long.  I was sent home the next day at noon.  My 
mom was at home waiting for me, and I thought I was doing all right until 
about nine that evening when I had a heart attack.  Mom insisted on calling 
911, and I've spent the past few days in the cardiac ward of the other 
hospital -- St. Luke's.  They were wonderful to me there.  They ran all of 
sort of tests, let me rest, gave me some new heart meds, and I came home 
today -- feeling so much better.  My mother left for her home, and my sister 
arrived from Utah.  I'm in good hands now.  I did, however, receive a sort of 
"Dear John" letter from my sweetheart, which has left me somewhat devastated, 
to put it mildly.  I'll get over it, of course.  The timing just wasn't the 
best, if you know what I mean.  I'll miss him.  Unfortunately, it was very 
real for me.  A few quiet tears in the night in the pillow will take care of 
it, though.  Life goes on, doesn't it?  -- and I have tons to do.  Sorry to 
unload, folks.  This just hasn't been my best week.  Next week will be 
better, I promise.  Love to all -- Kathy C.
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