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[MOL] Update

Have to make this fast but I wanted to let everyone know how I made out
at the doctors last week. She started me on Paxil, 10 working up to 20.
Between the blahs and hot flashes I think I made the right choice. The
only problem is that now I need to find a new doctor, primary care. This
is what happened. She took blood on Wednesday while I was there and told
me to call late Friday for the results. Friday morning my husband went
for his blood work to be done and she told him that my results were in
and all was fine. He figured that the conversation was over at that
point but then she went on to give him my numbers. He was blown away.
Look we love each other, still sleep in the same bed but he doesn't need
to know everything. She said that she would have never said anything to
him if there was a problem but how do I know that. i really feel that
she broke my trust in her. Back to the drawing board.
who should be washing clothes
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