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[MOL] Need your Help

I'm Pat Turner from Traverse City, MI. My wife has been in the hospital for 5 
weeks with Ampillary Carcinoma - Cancer in the Bile Duck, (also known as 
Cancer of the Ampulla Vater) that has spread into the lymph nodes. She is 5 
weeks postoperative from the Whipple Procedure.

This is what I need help with: She's in a small northern Michigan hospital 
were they only average 12 Whipple Procedures a year, and her general surgeon 
only averages about 2 per year. At this point she is on a "G" tube into her 
stomach for bile drainage, and a "J" tube into her lower intestines for the 
Kangaroo Feeding Pump. They have had her on Propulsid (also known as 
Cisapride) through her "J" tube since the surgery. Her stomach still will not 
function 5 weeks postoperative. They say they don't know what else to do, 
there trying Reglan in hopes that it may do something, but I have found out 
it's only effective for the lower intestines which seem to be working. They 
have given up and are trying to get her off the IV so they can send her home, 
which they have done twice before only to have her readmitted a few day's 
later with her Pertassiom (sp.?) dangerously low and her electrolytes out of 
balance. She is not progressing only regressing. They had to put the Chemo 
and Radiation on hold indefinitely. 

I are very worried that with her in a small hospital they are to limited on 
experience in this type of case. I am hoping that you could help us with some 
research trial information on Postoperative recovery from the Whipple 
Procedure, i.e., other options in getting her stomach to work again. We need 
to challenge the thinking of her Surgeon before it's to late !

Is there any way you can offer some information that may help us. 

Husband: Pat Turner     -  Home/Office: 231-933-4873  
                            -  Cell Phone 231-342-0608
Patient: Patricia Turner at Munson Medical Center, Traverse City, MI. 
           Room 2012A  Phone: 231-935-5204

It is our hope that with all the major cancer centers around the country, 
that there might be some study trials on this type of problems. Getting the 
Stomach to function again after the Whipple Procedure. 5 weeks on the same 
treatment with no results and not willing to try anything else, only leads us 
to think that they lack the necessary experience that the major cancer 
centers have. We are praying that you can help us with information that will 
challenge this small northern Michigan hospital to try harder, before it's to 

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.   
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