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Re: [MOL] Monday

Dear Dusti,
    I can't answer any questions about hospice and the like, but you are 
doing the best anyone can.  You love your mother and you are there for her.  
What more could she ask.  I know this must be extremely hard on you.  Please 
know that my heart goes out to you.  You are in my prayers.  Even now one 
goes up to the good Lord on your behalf.  I pray that your mother is not in 
pain and that if it be The Lord's will, He take her quietly.  I pray that He 
keep you wrapped in His loving arms, gives you comfort, courage, and peace 
and rest.  If you need anything, or just want to talk, write me at my main 
e-mail at:  I'll watch my e-mail closely.  Be well and 
God be with you.
Luv ya,
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