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Hi Dusti:  I am very sorry to hear of your news.  As for how long will your
mom last, only God knows but it might not hurt for you to ask your onc.
Ours told us that mom only had several weeks and he was very close.  But at
least having a ballpark answer can help you decide when and what you need
to do and say to her and with her.  I can tell you that when my mom was
sleeping that much it was only a few weeks.  She too was able to walk to
the bathroom until about 2 weeks before she passed.  Your mom sounds like a
fighter like my mom.  As for your wanting to know whether to take time off
from work or not, I would go with your gut instincts...if your gut says do
it then do it.  that's what I did.  Something just told me that I needed to
spend a week with mom and I did.  She died 2 weeks later and I am so glad I
did because it really help me not to have any regrest with her.  I had the
time to tell her everything I needed to tell her and just love her.  Those
memories help sustain me when I get down in the dumps about things.  Listen
to your gut and is the voice of God and will lead you where you
need to go.
     As for Hospice, talk to your mom about it.  If it were me, I would get
them involved right away.  I'm speaking of Home Hospice and I assume you
are too.  They can do all of what you wrote but the biggest things they did
for me and my family was to take most of the care giving responsibility off
of us and allowed us to spend quality time with mom.  My experience with
them was a very supportive and healing one.  They also can help you know
when the end is near.  The nurse that was assigned to mom told us that
Friday it would only be a few days and she died that Sunday.  They know
what to look for.  
     Dusti, my heart truly goes out to you and I write this with a heavy
heart and tearfilled eyes for you and your family.  Please know that I hold
you in my heart and pray for peace to you and your family.  Take care.
Your friend, Joy

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