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Re: [MOL] Marlene!

Yes, Lillian, my grandson is heavenly to nap with.  He's 6 years old and 
races me to the bedroom for "Quiet Time" every day.  Of course he always 
beats me to "MY" side of the bed and I have to wrestle him to the other side. 
 Then we cuddle and he makes funny noises so that I will tickle him.  This 
goes on for about 5 more minutes and then we finally settle down and actually 
    My daughter moved in to help me out when my husband couldn't, but I think 
it is my grandson that has helped the most.  He keeps me on my toes, 
laughing, and certainly takes my mind off my problems.  What a blessing he 
has been as the rest of the family.  But he's extra special.  There's nothing 
like the love of a child to get you through the worst.
    Don't worry about the wrestling part.  He understands that Grandma has 
some ouies and he has to be careful.  He used to use his feet and legs, but 
he knows that is off limits now.  It's all fun.
    I'm so glad you and Bridget had such a good time.  I would have paid to 
see you guys playing around in Wal Mart.  As for the picture of you on the 
bike, I'm sure all of us will be expecting it to be posted soon in the album.
    Be well and God Bless.
Luv ya,
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